Not every nail needs a hammer

No one here does just one thing. We’re a team of interdisciplinary weirdos, which makes it easier for us to reach into our pool of talents and find the right tools to fit the job.

Luke Baumgarten


Journalist turned organizer turned creative. He’s fascinated by how identity creates community and community reinforces identity. Neglectful father of several novels. Involved father of several pugs. His hand is stuck like that.

Connor Bacon


A laid-back team player who's energetic and up for anything. His practicality and creativity make him an ideal member of our A/V team, with a colorful vocabulary that brings dimension to every conversation.

Jacquelyn Barnes

Creative Director

Writer-Artist-Designer who loves the way words, imagery and structure work together to reinforce meaning. She’ll drag us (almost literally) to the top of a mountain in the name of team building.

Gilbert Sandoval


Communicator, collaborator, and problem solver with a low-key, patient demeanor. Constantly viewing the world through a cinematic and dynamic lens. Also, a lover of lifting weights and eating pepperoni pizza, bring on the carbs.

Kat Traczyk


Marketing strategist and storyteller with a digital DNA sequence. Chasing sunsets & (literally) climbing mountains, there’s always adventure (and a good story) around the corner.

Benji Wade


Lean marketer and media artist full of strong opinions but always open to new ideas. He's father to two daughters and has total recall of film release dates. But can’t remember where he parked his car.